Hotmail Sending and Receiving Errors

It can be frustrating when everything is working fine but still, you are not able to send or receive email on your Hotmail account. First thing is to check your internet connectivity (basic things first).

Now before jumping on to the resolution lets see what can be the reason for Hotmail sending and receiving Errors

Lets first talk about why you are not receiving the email and then we will talk about why can’t we send out emails

Hotmail Sending and  Receiving Errors
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Here are some general issues that can cause trouble for an email to reach your mailbox.

  • Using an incompatible or outdated browser to load emails
  • Accidently you might have blacklisted or blocked the sender
  • Incorrect filter settings filtering (forwarding) all the emails
  • JavaScript is either disabled or corrupted on your web browser
  • The sender is sending an email with a big attachment which is getting blocked by the server
  • Browser’s extensions and add blocking applications blocking emails
  • Sender sending the email to a wrong email address which is not yours

Here are some general issues that can cause trouble for an email to move out of your mailbox.

  • The Internet is not working or it’s not a stable one. Try to bring it near to the router or check the cables or call your ISP
  • Sending emails could be blocked by the Hotmail Servers as the unusual activity was detected on your account.
  • The browser is not updated or not compatible with the current version of the email interface.
  • You might have already sent out too many (400 approx.) emails which is around the daily limit to send an email for a day, try sending the next day.
  • If you are using a third party mail application then try to log on to the webmail and try to send it from the webmail.
  • Saved cookies and cache might conflict and might not let you send an email.

Are you using a mail application to check your emails?

If you are using a mail application like inbuilt MAIL by Windows 10 or Mail on a MAC computer or Mozilla Thunderbird or any other third party application to access your email check the incoming and outgoing server settings.

The simplest thing you could do is, remove the email account from the application and add it put it back on to the application. This solves most of the problems.

But before you remove the account, make sure you take a backup of folders and files saved. Data once gone is gone.

If even after following these steps you are not able to unlock your email account then you can contact us by clicking on Technician Help Form