Hotmail Account Has been Hacked or Blocked

Sometimes we send an email with some unusual link(s) or hashtag(s) (#) or the content we sent in the email looks suspicious to the security server of Hotmail. These activities somehow act as the violation of Microsoft Service Agreement.

Why accounts are locked and disabled?

Microsoft accounts are usually locked if the account holder has violated the Microsoft Services Agreement. Below are some common reasons why accounts are locked, though not all account locks occur for these reasons:

  • Malware: Sending intentionally unwanted or harmful code or software.
  • Phishing: Stealing private information from others by tricking or spoofing them into providing it.
  • Interfering with, harming, or spoofing Microsoft networks, services, or other systems.

In that case, the next time when you log in to your email account it will give you a message the moment you log in, and the message goes like “Your Account has been locked” or “Hotmail account hacked or blocked” which looks like the image shown below.

Hotmail Account locked and disabled
Your Account has been locked

How to fix “Your account has been locked” case

It’s easy to fix this situation. We will follow some steps and by the end of them, it will be fixed. So first click on the Next button to proceed.

hotmail uk
Code sent

Now the next screen will look like the one shown above. Check your email address on the top.

Select the county and then enter the phone number registered on the account or any other phone number that you have which can receive text messages. And then click on the send code as shown in the image above.

The code that you will receive will be a 4 digit numeric code.

hotmail helpline uk
Enter the code

The four-digit code that you have received, enter that code in the space provided for the code and then press on the submit button as shown in the image above.

Hotmail Account Hacked or Blocked
Account recovered

On the next screen after pressing on the submit button the above screen will come up mentioning that “Your account has been unlocked” just press on continue and it will take you straight to your inbox so that you can use your email account again.

If even after following these steps you are not able to unlock your email account then you can contact us by clicking on Technician Help Form